Musings on Mother’s Day – Danielle Ross Walls

A few years ago, my eldest son purchased a Mother’s Day gift for me at his school fair. It was the first time that he had his own money to spend, and he was proud as punch with his purchase! A squishy stress-ball, hot pink in colour and in the shape of a heart. It has the words BEST MUM printed on it. It permanently resides on my writing desk at home. I love it.

So, with Mother's Day again approaching, I reflect on the fact that simply being a Mum is a gift in itself – I am always grateful. Our world is far from perfect, with many injustices still to be righted, but I am also thankful to be a mum in this country and in this era. I have access to free family information and support, a choice to be in paid work, to vote, to access free medical care and free education for my children – if I so choose. My children have good food and a warm and comfortable bed each night. They are loved unconditionally by their parents and by their extended family.

Despite all this though, doubts do creep in occasionally, and then I think that I suck at it being a mum. Yet at other times I give myself a secret high-five! It’s a bloody hard job. Like many of us, I’m guided by my instincts, the unwavering love that I have for my children, and listening to the stories of others with like situations certainly helps guide me too. Motherhood is without a doubt, the most challenging AND the best job that I will ever have, and so the irony of the hot pink, heart-shaped stress-ball that lives on my desk is not lost on me. It will be one of many Mother’s Day gifts that I will always cherish.

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