Behind the scenes: The making of a cover girl

Working Mums cover photoshoot – a true example of the working mum juggle

by Louise Correcha

After an idea was recently raised to refresh the cover of our book Working Mums, I gathered my four-year-old daughter and a close family member’s baby and headed to the Blick Creative studio in North Fitzroy for the photo shoot (Blick is a design studio I work for as a freelance copywriter).

Actually, that makes it sound much more spontaneous than it was. Between me, my co-author Danielle in Tassie, the baby’s mum (and her three children’s schedules), the studio, and my daughter’s family day care, a lot of strategic planning had actually been done to ensure the best chance of success for the Melbourne shoot.

From Danielle and I texting each other potential outfit ideas to meeting up in Hobart’s Elizabeth Street to dash around the shops at lunchtime (I had visited her to work on the book in the week prior) and me back in Melbourne texting pictures of baby clothes (planned down to the socks, and necessitating much running around to find a grey outfit not covered in bright, gender-stereotypical patterns), to organising the shoot to coincide with the studio’s schedule as well as the baby’s swimming class and subsequent nap time (thus ensuring the best chance of a happy baby for the shoot) – the whole thing really was a great demonstration of life as a working parent. It included the thinking through of a gazillion details so as to try – as unpredictable as small children are – to reduce the potential level of chaos and thereby hopefully still appear to be a functioning, professional adult. The daily drill, in other words.

But as often happens with the best-laid of plans, a little spanner needed to be thrown into the works and I managed, the night before, to somehow sustain a fairly spectacular wine-glass injury to the bridge of my nose. Of course. Add last-minute dash for concealer to that to-do list.

Anyway, we arrived to Blick on the day to a lovely welcome by director Mark and Head of Design and Digital, Andrea, the photographer. They were ready to welcome the smaller guests in particular, with a toy box and tea party playset keeping my daughter happy as the baby was dressed for the shoot.

Essentially, we wanted to get a cover image that conveyed the reality of being a working mum. This was just as well, because I really was trying to juggle keeping both a four-year-old and a baby happy while attempting to follow a photographer’s instructions. Thankfully, those at the shoot were parents too, so there was an atmosphere of understanding the beautiful chaos that is this season in life, as well as laughter at the aptness of me genuinely trying to juggle children while getting a picture showing the reality of trying to work while juggling children.

We love the bright, modern and very real cover of Working Mums, and hope readers will, too. Nose bump and all.

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